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Tooltop Quality

TOPTUL Warranty

TOPTUL Professional Tools, unless otherwise specified, are unconditionally guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the tool. We will repair or replace any tool that fails to give satisfactory service, on the condition that the tool has not been abused or modified and that it is returned to an authorized warranty TOPTUL dealer. You can count on TOPTUL to stand behind our top quality professional hand tools.

The Main Concept of
TOPTUL Quality Control

TOPTUL production team insists in two primary principles of Quality Control:

  • Verify Quality through Practical Operation - Reconfirm the product quality by conducting a practical product test in actual workplace for a set period of time.
  • Multi-Segment Lab Tests before Mass-Production – Verify the correctness of procedures and devices, quality stability, inspection standards of production process through in-process research & development and trial production.

TOPTUL Professional Tool

TOPTUL Q.C. Department and R&D Engineers constantly update testing & quality control procedures based on either positive or negative feedbacks from end-users. The innovative "Circulative Inspection QC System" and "Integrated Production & Quality Control System" have imposed a strict quality standard for the TOPTUL brand products. These quality control concepts have implanted into every member in the organization. The management not only promotes the concept of "Complete Quality Management" but also believe in "Practical operation is beneficial for discovering defectives and reliable solutions".

From customer feedback, the in-house R&D Department continuously reviews the original design of products and conducts modification as well as technology upgrade to enhance the product practicality & quality stability. Today, all TOPTUL professional tools are manufactured by TOPTUL production chain based on TOPTUL Design & Quality Specifications under ISO-9001:2000 Edition Quality Management. The excellent product quality has made TOPTUL brand tools become uses’ most reliable working partners. TOPTUL, "the mark of professional tools".