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About us

Toptul professional hand tools are competitively priced and quality focused, designed and built for industry professionals. TOPTUL professional tools are successfully used in many different types of industry, such as automotive, industrial, heavy industrial, military.

PRIDE TOOL is the exclusive distibutor of TOPTUL in South Africa. With our head office in Johannesburg, we are able to effectively distribute and market the brand throughout the country.

TOPTUL has become the tool brand that offers a full range of professional tools with high quality in the global market. Today, TOPTUL continues to improve tool convenience and practicality of end-users. As a quality oriented tool company, TOPTUL looks forward to leading the continual advancement of the tools not just through research and development, but also by being guided by what is in the hearts and souls of end-users around the world.

Brand is essential to its positioning. TOPTUL brand name was made from the abbreviation of “TOP TOOL”. In order to have the product values transform into brand values, TOPTUL product position is focused on the premium quality and services. For over a decade, TOPTUL production line has devoted itself to the growth of tooling industry. The insistent belief of“Manufacturing the Best Tools”has inspired TOPTUL production team to develop its ability to generate innovative product. TOPTUL unique manufacturing experience and advance manufacturing processes and technology have resulted not just in efficient professional tool production but, more importantly, the highest quality tools you will find and trust today.